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The Western Risk Management Library provides access to literally hundreds of risk
management articles, fact sheets, and other resources for learning more about the
management of all types of risk in agriculture: production risk, marketing risk,
financial risk, legal risk, and human resource risk.


Insuring Success For Wyoming Agriculture
nsuring Success For Western Agriculture is an educational effort
designed to provide western agricultural producers with
cutting-edge risk management information.


Ag Help Wanted: Guidelines for
Managing Agricultural Labor

Ag Help Wanted is an educational guidebook designed to assist every person who
currently manages or expects to manage human resources on farms, ranches, nurseries,
dairies, and other agricultural operations.   It presents principles, practical examples, regulatory
considerations, and leads to more references that all help equip managers to make choices that
are reasonable, legal, and ultimately effective for both their businesses and the people they employ.

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PSAS is a team dedicated to providing objective, research-based
information  to Wyoming people - focusing on improving
the sustainability of  Wyoming lands for horticultural,
small  acreage, crop, and livestock production.

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