Small Acreage




Wyoming Master Cattleman Program is a set of classes designed to enable producers to analyze new
 opportunities to determine if they will meet their financial expectations, goals, and risk
tolerance. Additionally producers will learn of strategies for cull cow management,
retained ownership, niche marketing, scientific tools for bull selection,
alternative ranching systems and estate planning.

RightRisk is an innovative risk research and education effort to help
the farmer or rancher understand and explore risk management
decisions and evaluate the effects of those decisions.

WIRE (Western Integrated Resource Education) teaches a concept of management which
provides practical tools for integrating management of the physical, biological, financial and
human resources of agricultural operations. WIRE emphasizes the process of management--
setting goals, priorities, making decisions, planning, budgeting, keeping records and performing
evaluations with personal goals and optimization in mind, rather than particular production technologies.
The process begins by setting goals, which provides the manager with a clear focus on what he/she
wants to accomplish through the operation and a view of how it can be done.

he High Plains Ranch Practicum is an eight-day, five-session, hands-on educational
program designed to give participants the skills and application of management tools
needed in today’s complex ranching industry.



PSAS is a team dedicated to providing objective, research-based
information  to Wyoming people - focusing on improving
the sustainability of  Wyoming lands for horticultural,
small  acreage, crop, and livestock production.