Small Acreage


Area educators that are members of this team are available to assist you on an individual basis on many aspects of agriculture production, rural living and horticulture, so please give them a call or stop by one of their offices.

Area educators include:
Northeast Extension Area
     Lindsay Taylor 307-682-7281,
Big Horn Extension Area
     Scott Hininger 307-674-2980,
     Tammie Jensen (livestock) 307-334-3534 and
     Donna Cuin (Horticulture) 307-235-9400,
Southeast Extension Area
     Jeff Edwards 307-532-2436,
Carbony Extension Area
     Kellie Chichester-Jamison 307-721-2571,
Northwest Extension Area
     Ron Cunningham 307-332-1044,
     Sandy Frost 307-754-8836 and
     Jim Gill 307-347-3431,
Southwest Extension Area
     Bridger Feuz 307-783-0570 and
     Hudson Hill 307-885-3132.


PSAS is a team dedicated to providing objective, research-based
information  to Wyoming people - focusing on improving
the sustainability of  Wyoming lands for horticultural,
small  acreage, crop, and livestock production.